How I Spent My Weekend

As I write this I’m sitting on the back patio next to the pool of a 7,000 sq. foot home in Dallas, TX. The owners of the home have paid me $200 for three nights of dog/house sitting. The dogs are super easy; one Doberman, and two Pomeranians. The house is crazy; the decor is not my style. But I love the patio and the pool.

There are some things about living in a space this large that I would love, but probably many more that I would not.

For one you would HAVE to have help to keep the place clean and in fact they do. They also have a pool guy and a lawn team. The kitchen is nice and big. I do like the coffee/espresso machine and the counter top wine saver vault. I love the under counter wine refrig and big stove. But, this couple are now empty nesters; their youngest child just left for college. Do they still need this much space, or do they feel the need as most Dallasites to keep up appearances?

I wonder, if I could afford it would I like living this big? I don’t think so. What about you?

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