2007 Finanical Goals

My financial goals for 2007 all depend on me getting a job, soon.  I’ve been out of work for seven months now and my debt is mounting.  Thank goodness for my HELOC.  But I need to get going on my financial plan.

1) Reduce debt by 1/3

2) Save one month’s salary for emergency fund.

3) Stick to budget

4) Save $500 for Christmas Gifts

5) Save $1000 for vacation fund

6) Save for house fund

7) Contribute to 401(k) to get match

8) Develop passive form of income

I can’t wait to start working again!

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Purpose – Live Debt Free

The purpose of this blog is to document my efforts to live a debt-free life.  Currently I am $32,260.11 in debt, due to being out of work and rolling my credit card debt into my HELOC.  I will utilize this blog to public shame myself (not so publically as I’m so embarassed by this I can’t even begin to tell my friends) into saving money and paying down my debt.

More to come…

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